Bosaso city of Puntland

Not far away, behind the grey mountains, near the centre of the city, there is the beauty of Biyo kulule, Laag valley with its water streams, the beauty of Al-madow and its valleys and twisting roads deep into the mountains on both sides of the main tarmac road from the city of Bosaso.  All around the area, surrounding the city are magestic beautify that no place can ravel.

Not far away again,  there is Baalade valey right at north of the coast of the Benderqasim, a valley that pours its water to the readsea behind the Bedderqasim International Airport. The valley and its massive carve sides have abandant of trees, plant species that produce vabrant fragrance when you walk along the dry river banks in summer or in winter all weather in fact.

Bosaso city is full of wonderful  places in its vacinity that are beautiful to visit and marvel at anytime of the year. we have not yet mentioned the gorious beaches both on east of the city and north of the city. these beaches are magnificent beautiful beaches to visit, swim and have fun. Play, run and amuse yourself anytime of the day.


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